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Some great news at Nurturing Hands!  One of our practitioners, Nicole Arel, spent last summer on a cruise ship in Alaska. An article about her experience was recently published in the Massage Therapy Journal of the American Massage Therapy Association.  You can read it by clicking here Alaska Article.


Other great news for our clients is that Nurturing Hands will be open on most Sunday afternoons, so call to reserve your spot for a relaxing Sunday massage.


I think one of the reasons that gardening has such a strong pull for me is that in addition to the wonders of the garden itself, gardening can be such a remarkable metaphor for life and for us as individuals.


Let's talk about garden amendments. A soil amendment is any material added to soil to improve its physical properties such as water retention, aeration, nutrients, living material, structure, drainage. As any of you West Hartford gardeners know, the soil here is notoriously hard, mostly clay and nutrient poor.  Faced with that, the soil needs to be aerated, mixed with some peat to improve the texture, bolstered with important nutrients, pH balanced by either sweetening up with lime or brightening with some coffee grounds to increase the acidity.


As individuals, we too need different materials brought into our lives to mix things up and bring in some fresh air to aerate our inner self.   Important nutrients (besides the obvious one of food) are emotional support, role models, and a set of beliefs and values.  Balance.  We hear that term so often because balance (or the lack of it) is so pervasive.  Balance between work and play, friends and family, funny and sad, exercise and recovery, spend and save, sweet and salty, ourself and others, yin and yang, and a whole lot more.


And what about bodywork?  Thai Massage to help you expand and stretch, to aerate your musculo-skeletal self as well as your inner being.  Deep Tissue Massage improves texture also by eradicating clumps, breaking apart adhesions and making the body more pliable (just as with soil, which would be more friable).  Body Wraps, Facial Rejuvenation  and Thai Detox provide nutrients for the skin and absorption into the body.  Balance?  So many options, let's go with the Thinker's Massage that brings both gentle kind relaxation to your scalp and neck AND  bright alertness to your mind.  Finally, to end with a garden theme pun:  Foot Reflexology to help you stay grounded.


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We are heeding the request of many of our clients to “get wired”. We aren’t talking about a double shot of espresso; rather we are talking about the ability for us to email notices of specials, classes and an E-Newsletter to all of you. To do that, we need your email address. Know that your email address will be used only by us, that it will not be sold or given to any other entities.

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